Trade and Logistics

Trade and Logistics

Since regaining its independence in the early 1990s, Georgia has become the regional champion in terms of reform, economic development, and progress regarding democratic institutions. Striving to succeed on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration, Georgia is positioning itself as a hub for doing business in the region. Moreover, it is developing relations and an advanced international business environment.
Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and being the shortest transportation route between the two regions, Georgia is uniquely positioned to capitalize on increasing trade flows between Europe, the Caspian region, Central Asia, and East Asia. It has one of the lowest and most manageable tax regimes in the world; it is improving a more stable political and business climate; it has relatively low operating costs and an increasingly supportive government. These factors have made Georgia an attractive investment destination.
One of the most important milestones in the latest history was the signature of the Association Agreement (AA) with the EU in 2014; it further ensures the stability of the political and investment climate of the country. Georgia’s political system boasts open democracy and demonstrates the effective transition of governments with a consistent commitment to economic liberalization and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Today, the stable economic development, liberal and free-market-oriented economic policies, multi-lingual; well-educated; and competitively priced workforce, only six flat taxes, preferential trade regimes, advantageous geographic location, and well-developed and multimodal transport infrastructure represent a solid foundation for successful operations and overall growth in Georgia.

The top export destinations of Georgia are:

  • Russia ($403M)
  • Bulgaria ($326M)
  • Azerbaijan ($261M)
  • Turkey ($229M)
  • China ($209M)

In 2017, the Government of Georgia implemented a new tax policy and according to the new model of the taxation system, companies pay the Profit Tax only on distributed earnings and reinvested profit is exempt from the Corporate Profit Tax.

Trade and Logistics

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