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For decades HolwegWeber has been involved in developing production units dedicated to your marketing objectives in terms of development. In 1935 Holweg created the Roto-Simplex (RS) the fastest satchel making machine in the world. HolwegWeber solutions meet all the principle of adaptability. Customized, they can accommodate at any time different types of auxiliary equipment and optional features.


The « Servotech » philosophy

The HolwegWeber solutions dedicated to our customers have two primary functions: firstly, the control of each part of the line and in-line equipment, and secondly automation and programming.

  • Ease and fast change of the bag length
  • Automatic tension control > reduce paper web break
  • Ergonomic > thanks to the touch screen operator interface
  • Only one perforator > reduce costs related to changeover
  • Less manual adjustments > safer for operator
  • Hotline (VPN) > very fast service in real-time
  • Ease of adding at any time different types of auxiliary equipment and optional features
  • Automatic adjustmentAn independent servomotor on the web drawroll unit in the entry of the machine precisely adjusts the web tension between the bag machine and all in-line equipment. It will also act as an automatic regulating device for running pre-printed materials.Web tension controlA servomotor acting as a web drawroll unit after the tube forming section provides an optimal web tension control especially in the acceleration and deceleration phases.Single perforating deviceA servomotor drives the fixed perforating unit which allows speeds up to 1200 bags/min.Maintaining sectionA servomotor perfectly controls the maintaining functions and allows adjustment on the way.Adjustment of the bottom folding

    A servomotor on the folding drum ensures the automatic adjustment of the bottom fold while running at production speed.

    Tearing Section

    The Tearing section is precisely controlled out by an additional servomotor.


    Touch screen operator control for ease of operation

    Low noise level for a better comfort of the operator

    Complete Operations Manual for machine operation & maintenance

    Toolbox containing the tools necessary for proper maintenance

    Operator Training


HolwegWeber company is just like a tailor for your needs. you can find variable machines with any kind of paper bags in our products. in any case, we need about 60 to 120 days to produce your order with all additional parts. actually, it will depend on your needs and your decision. for more information, please directly contact our offices or “Geo commerce” company, and talk with our consultants.

Technical Data

 Models  Culling length  Bag width  Gusset Paper web width  Paper weight  Top speed
RS-15 105 – 400 mm 70 – 380 mm 12 – 80 mm 150 – 900 mm 25 – 100 9/m2  1200 bo9s/mn
 RS-25 230 -480 mm 100 -250 mm 12 – 80 mm 300 – 850 mm 25 – 100 9/m2  800 bo9s/mn
 RS-26 160 – 760 mm 70 – 380 mm 12 – 80 mm 150 – 900 mm 25 – 100 9/m>  1000 bo9s/mn
 RS-37 400 – 1560 mm 70 – 380 mm 12 – 80 mm 150 – 900 mm 25 – 100 9/m2  300 bo9s/mn
Delivery time

4 months after receipt of down payment

Product Origin

Product Origin

Payment Term

40% Advance payment, 60% By Confirmed Irrevocable Letter of Credit

Terms of Delivery

Your country / according to Incoterms 2010

Price validity

3 months


B/L Commercial Invoice Packing List |CO


one year after delivery


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