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Live Animals

Geo Commerce has been long and useful experience in exporting live animals and meat related products. Choosing the right animals, preparing and sending, is one of our specialties. Because of existence the wide range of meadows and water, the Caucasus region is one of the best areas to breeding live animals.

We can export live animals from the destination of the Caucasus to all other countries. We also have the ability to make sure that the slaughter is Halal for Islamic countries which are already our customers. You can order any live animals or any kind of meat to “Geo commerce”. The best prices and quality in this area will be guaranteed by the “Geo Commerce” Company.

Here we have 2 parts :

  • Live Animals: Cow, Calf, Sheep,Lamb, Pig, Chicken
  • Meat : All parts of animals which you need will possible for us to prepare and export.(custom parts) and Also we could export Frozen chicken or other parts of it, as like as you need.

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