Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy 

We all live in a world facing a day-by-day growing interdependence, especially in the economic sphere. Every business or economic activity is already affected by Globalization despite its size or sector. Therefore, the interaction and the integration with the global environment is considered as a must!

In this regard, international trade is an essential and popular tool to connect different markets. The fast-growing indexes such as World Trade Volume are good evidence showing the vital role of international trade in today’s life. Most of the goods or even services we use today are produced in other countries or even other continents, and mostly not in just one place!

Connecting the World by trade

In “GEO Commerce”, we believe in connecting the assets and opportunities globally by making the goods and services easily exchangeable. Our philosophy is to make a smart bridge between the customers’ needs from one side and the suppliers’ ability to satisfy needs from the other side. We apply our philosophy through professional trading or facilitating trade internationally. In order to supply businesses, we target the most important part of this trade including manufacturers, contractors, distributors, service providers, etc. As we are involved in this situation called B2B trade, we do not target individual customers.


Our Philosophy

“GEO Commerce” is a professional, international, B2B General Trading, and trade facilitator company.

New markets, new opportunities

In a globalized environment, most of the local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are not able to conduct international marketing and sales activities, due to lack of budget, experience or knowledge, or sometimes the fear of going global!

We are committed to opening new opportunities to local producers and suppliers by linking them to the new markets. We do this by representing them with all our resources as well as executing international marketing and branding campaigns.

On the other hand, there are huge numbers of SMEs who are potentially in need of a foreign product or this kind of product can help them increase their competitiveness. However, it is difficult for them to deal with international trade complexities. Therefore, we will help them as a local trust company that conducts a reliable global procurement.

Our Philosophy

Mutual growth partnering

We call and treat each deal as a real partnership relation. Making a strong partnership is the first and most important goal to help the SMEs grow by developing their market in size and depth. Obviously, it will lead GEO Commerce to valuable growth as well. Our win-win philosophy is the main pillar of our business.

Besides the SMEs, working with big companies as their local and regional representatives or consultants helps us to learn and grow rapidly and also brings them the growth in market share, customer satisfaction, and customer retention.

Our Philosophy

Social Responsibility

Development without having a sense of responsibility toward our society and living environment will be dangerous. At “GEO Commerce”, we believe that the protection of human life has the highest priority. As a result, we respect the fundamental rights of every human being and we strongly care about protecting such rights and social standards.

Wherever we operate and act, we aspire to respect people and communities, their cultures, and their beliefs while considering both the interests of organizations and societies. We are engaged in open and transparent dialogue and consultation with communities and other representatives of civil society. We also feel responsible for the less-developed territories, poor people, disabled persons, and other deprived parts of society. Despite the gender, race, nationality, religion, etc., we believe in equality.

We conduct our activities in an ecologically responsible manner. We endeavor to use energy and natural resources efficiently, avoid environmental pollution, and advance the environmental awareness of our partners in order to minimize harmful effects.

Our Philosophy

In all our global activities, we strive for sustainability and face up to our socio-environmental responsibility.

Legal Compliance

Ethical conduct and integrity build the basis for all our operations. We comply with all applicable national and international laws, rules and regulations as well as business ethics at all times. At “GEO Commerce”, we condemn bribery and corruption in all forms. We also promote these principles in our joint venture activities.

For our business activities, complying with applicable national and international trade sanctions, customs, and indirect taxation regulations is crucial for sustainable success. With efficient import/export controls and internal monitoring systems, we ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

Our Philosophy

Fair Competition

The fair competition has been the locomotive force of all developments and progress in human life. We believe that intense competition based on innovation, quality, performance, and pricing must be the basis for everyone’s and our success.

We treat any competitive environment as a valuable challenge and a big opportunity to develop our power, quality, competitiveness, and responsibility. This fair competition will also help society protect customers’ rights and benefits.

In case we feel the risk of any unfair or illegal competition- tender or auction or biased prioritization-, we will not engage in such practices unless we can ensure compliance with applicable laws and avoid any impression of impropriety.

Our Philosophy

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