Invest in Georgia

Invest in Georgia

Invest in Georgia

Investing in a business in Georgia is a useful step. Here there are the conditions that ensure business success.

Historically, Georgia has been involved in the trade since ancient times. The country’s geographical position, near the Black Sea and the important trade route, has contributed to the country’s success.
After the dissolution of the USSR, Georgia has been en route of transitioning from the command economy model favored within the USSR to a free market economy of present-day Georgia.
After a troubling two years of its newly acquired independence, Georgia began to develop, and the first positive developments were visible at the turn of the century.

10 years ago, Georgia finally noted a marked growth in its GDP. This spike put Georgia’s economy among the fastest-growing ones in Eastern Europe.
It also allowed growth in other areas of doing business. This makes it easy to find opportunities for smart business investments in Georgia.

Foreigners who want to invest in Georgia will find abundant investment conditions and an investment climate that welcomes and supports foreign entrepreneurs.
Georgia prides itself on the ease of doing business, low corruption levels, and investment opportunities in numerous business areas. Our company registration agents can help you set up a new company in the country.

There have been several positive developments that point towards a favorable economic climate in Georgia.
According to the Heritage Foundation and its Index of Economic Freedom, Georgia Ranks 7th among 190 Countries in the World Bank Doing Business 2020.
This list takes a lot of data into account when coming up with its rankings. It mainly focuses on how the economy of a country is affected by the rule of law, government size, regulatory efficiency, and the open market.
In 2005, it stood at number 112 that serves as a testament to how far the country has come.

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