Infrastructure of Georgia

Infrastructure of Georgia

Infrastructure of Georgia

The country has a new infrastructure, roads, bridges, and important projects and modern infrastructures are being developed.

According to the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure Summary Report 2018, and the presentation of plans for 2019, infrastructure projects include:

  • Water supply
  • Road infrastructure
  • Municipal infrastructure
  • Education infrastructure
  • Tourism infrastructure

Water supply

The company budget for 2018 increased by 51.6 million GELs from 2018 to 2019 and amounted to 2017.7 million GELs.
The 2019 plan for the rehabilitation works in various regions of Georgia will cost  282 million GELs and cover 85 projects.

Road infrastructure

Highways – East-West – Red Bridge – Sarpi 

2019-2023 years. 227 km- 5.1 billion Gels.

Construction of a 77km highway is planned for 2019-2023: Zemo Osiauri-Chumateleti, Samtredia-Grigoleti, Batumi Bypass.

Mobilization and preparatory work have commenced on the following 81km section, which is expected to be completed by 2021 in the following sections: Grigoleti-Choloki, Rikoti: Khevi Ubisa, Rikoti: Ubisa-Shorapani, 2nd lane of Kutaisi bypass.

Highways – East-West

Bidding procedures are underway on the 26.3km highway, scheduled for completion by 2022, with Rikoti: Chumateleti-Khevi, Rikoti: Shorapani – Aragveta.

It is planned to build a 700 km highway that will be completed by 2023: Batumi-Sarpi; Rustavi – Red Bridge.

Construction of Zugdidi-Anaklia Port Road is also planned.

Highways North-South Lars-Sadakhlo 2019-2023

Bidding procedures are taking place on  22.7 km highway sections-Kvesheti-Kobi.

The construction of the 77.3km highway is also planned on the following sections: Algeti-Sadakhlo, Natakhtari-Zhinvali, Pasanauri bypass, Arsha-Stepantsminda bypass, Stepantsminda – Gveleti.

In total, 2019 infrastructure rehabilitation projects include 638 projects.

Municipal infrastructure

In terms of municipal infrastructure:

  • 262 outpatient rehabilitation
  • Construction of 39 Emergency Centers
  • Construction of 103 new outpatient clinics

160 million GELs have been earmarked to provide housing for internally displaced persons. Sports infrastructure, solid waste management, and landfill rehabilitation will also be provided.

Education infrastructure

There is planned rehabilitation of schools and kindergartens in the 2018-2019 years.

Tourism infrastructure

By 2019, 41 projects worth 138 million GELs will be completed, including the Archaeological Museum of Vani, and Zugdidi Botanical Garden. Tourist infrastructure will be arranged in Nikortsminda and others.

Rehabilitation-reconstruction of tourism infrastructure is planned in tourist zones located in different regions, at the following location:

  • Kutaisi,
  • Abastumani,
  • Mestia – Ushguli,
  • The Gorge Protected Area of Truso,
  • Bakhmaro,
  • Gudauri-Kobi,
  • Bakuriani.

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