Georgia Population 2019 – 3,994,199.

In 2019, Georgia’s population is estimated at 4 million, which ranks 132nd in the world. Nearly 60% of the population in Georgia live in or around a metropolitan area. Tbilisi is the largest city of Georgia, it’s a capital city, where nearly 1.5 million people live. The second-largest city in Georgia is Kutaisi, with a population of nearly 200,000. The third-largest city is Batumi, a seaside territory of Georgia with a population of 167,000. Batumi is a popular tourist destination because of its location along the sea and its reputation for nice weather.

Ethnic Georgians account for 84% of the population, with other ethnicities including Greeks, Russians, Jews, Armenians, Ossetians, and Abkhazians. Georgian Jews are one of the oldest Jewish communities on earth.

The Official language is Georgian, with the additional use of Armenian, Russian and Azeri.

Georgia was named among the highest-emigration countries in the world, with respect to population, in the 2007 World Bank report. The 2002 population census in Georgia revealed a net migration loss of 1.1 million persons, or 20% of the population, since the early 90s. The decline in Georgia’s population is caused by the emigration in search of employment, and a sharp fall of birth rates. Over 300,000 Russians, 200,000 Georgians, 200,000 Armenians, 85,000 Greeks, 50,000 Azerbaijanis, 50,000 Ukrainians, and 20,000 Jews have migrated from Georgia since independence.
There is harmony amongst religious groups within the country and there is no official state religion.

  • Orthodox Christians – 83.4% (The Georgian Orthodox Church is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world.)
  • Islam – 10.7 % (Within the Muslim community, there are two major groups: the Sunni Hanafi, and the Azerbaijani Muslims).
  • There is a small Jewish community in Tbilisi, and small numbers of Roman Catholics scattered throughout the country.

Major industries in Georgia include the energy of its huge hydroelectric capacity, agriculture that employs 55% of the population, and tourism.

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