Agriculture is Georgia’s oldest and largest industry. It has played a dominant role in Georgia’s economy for many centuries.

For a long time, the Agriculture sector was Georgia’s primary economic sector.
Agriculture is a key business sector in the country with multiple opportunities for investments. Wine is the most important agricultural product for export, but other more marketable products such as honey or hazelnuts are becoming more successful.

Georgia has good natural resources and micro-climatic zones that are suitable for the growing of fruits and vegetables.
The reason why agriculture is among the best business investment opportunities in Georgia is the fairly low cost of doing business.

Water is not expensive and is easily accessible, and the same goes for energy and gas. In addition, the wages in the agricultural sector are lower than the national average.
Georgia is also a big exporter and has a free trade agreement with Turkey and Ukraine, and it widens your potential market.


Another additional advantage of choosing this sector as the way to invest in Georgia is the fact that the government provides incentives for food processing plants.

According to the UGA Center for Agribusiness & Economic Development, the state’s forest industry accounts for a total economic contribution to Georgia’s economy of $17.7 billion, and it supports more than 73,300 jobs in Georgia. We have more commercial forest land than any other state.
Despite all the changes in society, farming remains the foundation of the state’s economic well-being. Approximately, one out of seven Georgians works in agriculture, forestry, or a related field.
As a result of the systematic measures launched in 2013, there have been significant positive trends in foreign trade in the agro-food sector.

With the right state policy, our entrepreneurs, farmers, and peasants will be able to respond to the new challenges that our country faces after signing the Association Agreement with the EU. They will be able to produce European-standard, environmentally friendly, and competitive products and gain a valuable place in the international market.

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