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Geo commerce

In “GEO Commerce”, we believe in connecting the assets and opportunities globally by making the goods and services easily exchangeable. Our philosophy is to make a smart bridge between the customers’ needs from one side and the suppliers’ ability to satisfy needs from the other side. We apply our philosophy through professional trading or facilitating trade internationally. In order to supply businesses, we target the most important part of this trade including manufacturers, contractors, distributors, service providers, etc. As we are involved in this situation called B2B trade, we do not target individual customers.

Our Philosophy

We all live in a world facing a day-by-day growing interdependence, especially in the economic sphere. Every business or economic activity is already affected by Globalization despite its size or sector. Therefore, the interaction and the integration with the global environment is considered as a must!

In this regard, international trade is an essential and popular tool to connect different markets. The fast-growing indexes such as World Trade Volume are good evidence showing the vital role of international trade in today’s life. Most of the goods or even services we use today are produced in other countries or even other continents, and mostly not in just one place!

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